Seven people arrested in relation to laundering of millions of pounds worth of cryptocurrency

Wed 13th, Feb

Seven people have been arrested as part of an on-going investigation into the selling of stolen credit card details online and the subsequent laundering of millions of pounds worth of cryptocurrency.

The five men and two women were arrested this morning (Wednesday) on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering offences, following a series of warrants carried out in the Edgeware, Stanmore, and Harrow areas of London.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Peters, from the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit’s (ERSOU) cyber crime team, said: “We’ve been carrying out a protracted and complex investigation into selling stolen credit card details which have been used for fraud. This has seen hundreds of people’s credit card details stolen, with the proceeds of the crime being laundered via a variety of cryptocurrencies.

“We are committed to using our wide range of capabilities and working with our partners to have maximum impact on those committing crime across our region and within the cyber arena.”